Friday, August 29, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

Fred and I met at work. We actually shared an office space. We worked different hours so it worked. Fred began leaving me little post-its " on our desk. So then I would leave one for him to find when he came to work. "have a nice day" "sorry for the mess" "you're doing a great job" etc...
As our friendship grew into more, our little sticky notes on the computer screen turned into "can't wait to see you later" ...."I love you!"...mushy stuff.
I loved that about Fred. Seeing that note, those special words, made my day. I always looked forward to them.
Now after 6 yrs a marriage, he is still leaving me notes :) Not as often. Usually not on my desk.
But still thoughtful, kind words that brighten up my day.
I found one taped to the bathroom mirror the other night, when I went up for bed. He was already asleep. But he wanted to make sure that I knew he had noticed the extra care I had been putting in keeping our home organized.
He told me how much he admires me and appreciates me, as a wife and a mom. How I excel in both areas. And then he said "thank you".

When I struggle with keeping all the balls I'm juggling up in the air...when I feel I am lacking and failing, ...when the house is cluttered & the kids are screaming, and he is 30 minutes away at work and I can't call in re-enforcements...I see one of his notes.

And I remember.

Why I do this. Why I love this. What a blessing my life is.
I wouldn't trade places with me for the world.

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Marlayna said...

What a really nice thing to read about your husband. Sounds like you are a lucky gal.


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