Sunday, August 24, 2008

I have been blessed!

I was gone all day friday, so didn't get to do my "husband rocks" post. However, since today is our wedding anniversary, I think its ok and probably appropriate to do it today instead. Let's just pretend I was post-poning it on purpose :)

It was 6 years today that we got married. Outside on a warm August day. I was 25 yrs old and I felt like I had waited my entire lifetime to find "the right one".

You see, I believed in fairy tales.

Even after broken hearts and unhappy relationships...I knew someday my prayers would be answered. I am so grateful today, that I never settled. Never gave up. God honored my prayers and gave me the desires of my heart.

Now, looking back, I can hardly remember life before Fred. Its only been six years, but it feels like my entire life. What a journey it has been. We've been through a lot in these short 6 years. But our love has stood strong. Our faith has never wavered. We make a good team, him and I.
I look forward to the rest of forever with my dear, sweet, man.

*Our wedding day*

I love the touch of his hand on my cheek.

I love that he trusts me. I love that he is kind.

I love that he loves Jesus more than he loves me.

I love that he is honest, and says what's on his mind.

I love that he is silly. I love that he is wise.

I love the way he is with our children.

I love how the world looks, when seen through his eyes.

I love that he makes feel cherished and safe.

I love you, dear husband. You truly rock my world!

*Six years different our life is now!....still very much in love*

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