Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Living History

I recently had some one ask if I loved "living history". As I begin to give it some thought, I realised how much I do! I had just never labeled it as such.

While on vacation at the grandparent's last week, one of the places we went was Abe Lincoln's New Salem log village. It was actually where my parent's had their first date back in the late 50's. My mom made ham salad sandwiches and my dad told her she was going to marry him someday. They will celebrate their 48th anniversary this fall!

I grew up pretty close to there and we visited a lot. Instead of being the little girl who loved pink ballerinas and sparkly princesses, I was the little girl who fell in love with long simple dresses, aprons, & bonnets; rag dolls, and covered wagons. Even as a child, I loved the simple life and wanted to live there.
Later on, as a teenager, my younger sister and I, worked there as historical interpreters. Dressing in the 1830's garb, pretending we lived in a cabin, cooking over a fireplace, churning butter, tending herb gardens, spinning wool into yarn....all to show and teach others how life was in those days.

It had been several years since I had been there. There are no words to explain my emotions and how amazing it was to take my daughter (and of course Little Toot) there for her first visit.

Ashleigh checking out Honest Abe

Entering the village.

Ashleigh loved the schoolhouse.

Logan loved the animals.

Being regaled with stories from a historical interpreter.

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