Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - Dec 3rd, 2010

~Sometimes in our busy-ness, we tend to overlook or even take for granted what God does in our lives. So our Friday Five posts help remind us to have that moment of reflect over the past week and realize the blessings in our lives.~

1. watching and savoring the moment...of putting up the Christmas tree with the kids. Seems like such a pain to us, but they bring out the wonder & excitment of it. Seeing the 1 yr old's face light up in awe when Daddy plugged in the lights!

2. the rare opportunity to go out with my husband. True, it turned into a group thing, but was still nice. And this way, he knows he still owes me a date!

3. VIP tickets to Winter WonderSlam - TobyMac & Skillet concert. Super-fun show.
My ears are still bleeding.

4. when you get that "aha" moment while reading God's word. All of a sudden, your previous outlook is flawed...but His grace gives opportunity to change. And what makes it even better is sharing in the confirmation with a friend.

5. Hot Caramel Mocha. 'Nuf said.


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