Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Famous! ??

My friends are saying I'm famous.

I must admit I did feel not only honored but awe-struck. I even cried just a little.
My husband called while I was in say that our friend, Tracey, who is also a best-selling christian author, had signed her latest book for me and gave it to him at church.
She always does this, but its still really cool to me. My husband read her short inscription to me and laughed because she had autographed it with a blue pencil.
Once back home, I was unpacking and saw the new book on my desk. Even though he had already read it to me, I opened it up to see it. There it blue pencil :).... but then I saw IT!

Just above her signature, was printed in the book "Dedicated to Julie Young--a forever friend"
I cried. Somehow my husband had missed the fact that she had dedicated the book to ME!

So if you ever get a chance to read "That's (not exactly) Amore" book three in the Drama Queen Series, you'll see my name :) maybe I'm not famous. But it was such a special thing. Thank you Tracey Bateman, for being my unconditional friend. And for sharing your writing knowledge with me. Not only that, thank you, for giving me a chance to see my print.


Marlayna said...

That is so very cool.... first that you know a published author, second that your name is in print and third.... that you are special enough to someone that they would dedicate a book to you. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

What an honor!

I L-O-V-E to read!! I may have to look into these!


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