Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making My Own...

Yes...I'm one of those.

A super-thrifty mom trying to cut pennies a every corner. I make my own laundry detergant.
I just finished my 2nd batch...getting ready to make my third giant bucket.

Now, I'm not always really good about keeping track of the details. I intend to. Life interrupts.
Here is what I do know:

bar of Fels Naptha - $1.29
box of Washing Soda - $2.89
box of Borax - $ 4.05
I already had a large five gallon bucket. So my supplies cost me appox. $8.23. I've made/used two buckets so far and have plenty left to make more. All I have to buy for each batch is another bar of fels naptha. (I've tried Ivory, but wasnt nearly as impressed.)

Its actually pretty easy to make too. Grate the bar of soap up, disolve in water on the stove. Pour into the bucket, add washing soda, borax, and more water. Stir it up and leave it overnight and it will turn into an enormous amount of slime!

The best part, (besides all the MONEY I'm saving!) is it works great! Plus the extra bonus for me is its completely safe to use on the baby's clothes as well. So no more seperating all their clothes and buying expensive bottles of Dreft.
For really bad stains, I pre-treat with a bar of soap (fels naptha) rubbed on the stain.
For really strong sweaty husband odors, I load everything into the washing machine and let soak for a bit before I run it.
The weirdest part is it doesnt really foam or bubble up, but thats ok. Its not supposed to...and they come out smelling fresh.
I personally like the Duggar's recipe. But here is another good recipe with detailed pictures at The Simple Dollar.

Have you tried your own laundry soap yet? I would love to hear any tips or ideas you have! :)

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