Sunday, July 31, 2011


How is it possibly August already?! CRAZY
We have been relaxed and enjoying a lazy unscheduled summer. I've started working on projects, thinking we had plenty of time....and now suddenly it's crunch time!

Yesterday, we pulled out all the kids toys, toy boxes, under beds, closets, toys hidden in every nook & cranny. Sorted, purged, and rearranged. Ashleigh wanted to get rid of her toy box...and her barbies...and her zhuzhu pets! Is that normal for an almost 8 yr old girl? What do they play with? Surely its not straight to makeup, fashion, and boys?!!! Uhhhh, NO.

So Keira inherited the toy box....(and the zhu zhu pets). We also took down the crib and put her in a toddler bed. Logan is temporarely camping in his sleeping bag on the floor, but only til we get his new frame.

They love their new room. We got rid of a lot of toys. Now they each have a toy box for their stuff, the little table and chairs fir in their room, as well as Keira's baby doll stuff. She slept great in her big girl bed but was up at 6 am, due to a much-needed thunderstorm.

Today...we tackle the study. Oy

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