Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Today: Tuesday, July 19th 2011


Outside my window...the sun is blazing hot. There are no pets out. There are no children out. No one is enjoying this heat wave!

I am thinking...about my niece Becca, whose birthday is today. She lives far away, across the country form us, so we dont see her very often. I've been remembering a lot of the silly things she would do and say when she was a little girl.

I am thankful for...a couple hours to get away and write today.  I have so much to get done and am trying to get ahead. Slowly.

From the learning rooms...I am researching and looking at kindergarten curriculum. Preparing for Logan.
From the kitchen...sub sandwiches for supper tonight. Trying to keep the house cool.

I am wearing...denim shorts, and my blue spiritfm tshirt.

I am creating...a Family Rules board to hang on the wall. Pictures when ever I get it done.

I am going...to finish mowing the front yard this evening. I mowed the back and sides last night.

I am reading...The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, and Dancing with My Father by Sall Clarkson

I am hoping...Keira feels better tomorrow :(

I am hearing...sounds of The Electric Company from the tv in the family room.

Around the house...ALL the laundry is folded AND put away. Progress! The dishwasher is running. And kids are playing legos while watching tv.

One of my favorite things...my feather pillow.

A few plans for the rest of the week...working on training the kids on some "new" chores; a skype video chat with the in-laws in Texas; more writing; homeschool group fieldtrip to a music store; hoping to have a garage sale on saturday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

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Anonymous said...

I just had to smile when your blog opened up and there was this puckered up little mouth and bare toes - so sweet. We are retired. All the little ones (5) have nests of their own, but I remember enjoying them young and the busy, busy days. Sleep tight.


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