Monday, November 24, 2008

Warm Thanksgiving Blessings!

The year has turned its circle,
The seasons come and go.
The harvest all is gathered in
And chilly north winds blow.
Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields, their yellow grain,
So open wide the doorway- Thanksgiving comes again!

How quickly fall is passing! Here we are with Thanksgiving upon us! In just a few days, the table will be set, with freshly-polished silverware, neatly folded linen napkins, candles glowing.
The savory aromas of roasted turkey and stuffing will be wafting through the room.

The kitchen will be bustling with women-folk, all aproned-up, stirring and sampling. Cranberry relish, pumpkin pie. Kneading the dough for those golden brown rolls. Sharing tips for the best lump-less gravy. Friendly competitiveness. Busy chatter. Loads of laughter. Bonding. Nurturing

Loved ones enter out of the chilly air and into the warmth and aromas, tastes and sounds of Thanksgiving Day. Football games. Children playing pilgrams & indians.

Soon we hear the call "Time to eat! Everyone gather 'round....find your place... let's say grace..."

Oh how I love Thanksgiving! I want to take this week to reflect on Thanksgiving here on my blog. I would love to have you join me! Leave it in my "comments" or post a link to your blog there.
Some ideas that you could share:
-What you are thankful for
-Thanksgiving traditions or memories
-Recipes-Craft Ideas-Decorating ideas
-Your menu
-Cleaning/Organizing "before" and "after" pictures
-Anything having to do with Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

bswilliamson said...

Thanks Julie, those words made me feel that "warm" feeling I used to have about Thanksgiving when I was a child. All excited about the Thanksgiving parade and going to grandma's to see the family. Now I almost dread going to sit with family all day long as we've turned it into an obligation rather than something to enjoy.
I think we all get so into the Christmas thing so early that when Thanksgiving comes, it's almost just like get this over with and move on, I have a hundred things to do. Some day I can see myself being the hub and everyone comes to my house to enjoy the holiday. They will come early, or even spend the night so we all get to smell and see the prep work going into it. The Parade is on in the morning while the kiddos are hooping about all the balloons. We eat until we are stuffed and then watch football all afternoon. I can see myself, the grandma, or granny, gram....what will I be called? Oh Lord, we'll just not think of that part yet :)


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