Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's Simple Woman Daybook

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~ November 10th, 2008

Outside my window. . .today is a cold and dreary day. I long for a fireplace...and a nap.

I am thinking. . .how meloncholy this day has made me. Remembering times with my grandma, I had to make some homemade hot chocolate to drink out of one her old brown mugs.

From the learning room. . .Ashleigh just started addition. She has been begging to jump to that part of her math book and now we're there. Logan loves to read books about shapes. He can point out and name most of them. His sister has been working with him, trying to teach him the "clean up" song...thinking maybe he will start doing his fair share when they pick up toys!

I am thankful for. . . God's mercies being new every morning. Each new day to make memories with my family.

From the kitchen. . .homemade potato soup going in the crockpot. Perfect for this damp, gray, weather. And sniffly noses.

I am wearing. . .the normal - jeans, t-shirt, but I have added socks & warm, fluffy, slippers to my ensemble!!!

I am creating. . .a list of gift ideas to make & find for a certain little boy who will be 2 in a week.

I am going. . . to start a new devotional.

I am reading...Sunset, the latest Karen Kinsgbury. Probably has something to do with my meloncholy mood today. Her books are so realistic. Heart-warming, heart-wrenching, emotional books.

I am hoping. . . we don't get much, if any, snow before Thanksgiving. I want to be able to make the trip home for Thanksgiving.

I am hearing. . .my husband talk on the radio about what he thinks his wife should get him for Christmas! night vision goggles??!

Around the house. . .the dryer is running. Kids are napping. Music is praising.

One of my favorite things. . .weekends with my family. When we're not running to different events...and in different dirrections.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .a better focus & attempt with school; wednesday night church; library storytime; homeschool co-op; Big Daddy Weave concert; start of deer season.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

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