Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Traditions for Our Children

"There is no influence so powerful
as that of the mother."
~Sarah Josepha Hall, American Pioneer and Writer

There is no time like the fall to spend time building relationships with our children. To create family traditions and make memories that will last a lifetime.
What an opportunity we have to establish truths in our children!
Spending time together provides a great opportunity for me to sprinkle a little joy, faith, understanding, comfort, and praise on their dear little hearts. Someone once said that "children are like wet cement, whatever impressions you press on their heart will last forever."
God has given me two amazing little miracles! My job is to love them, guide them, protect them, encourage them, cheer for them, comfort them, and give them a sense of belonging so they will grow to be confident, compassionate and happy adults. We can accomplish this throughout the activities of the day, but a child's ears and heart seem to be a little more receptive to our message of love when we give them our undivided attention doing an activity that they enjoy. It's also an important time to listen with our own ears...about the things that are on their mind. It's amazing the things you can learn about your kids over a batch of cookie dough or a paper craft.

Yesterday, we made Turkey Hats. Very simple and easy to make. Family Fun turkey crafts has instructions for this craft as well as many others.

"We can change the world inside our own houses. Take the gift of this moment and make something beautiful of it. Few worthwhile experiences just happen; memories are made on purpose."
~Gloria Gaither

Some of my favorite holiday memories from when I was a child...is the little activities and crafts we made. Not the money spent on decorations or the holiday shows on tv.
Paper chains, posters, puppets, homemade ornaments. The stories my family read together during the fall & winter.

So even now, as a mother, that is what I want to instill in my children. The true meaning of Thanks-living...counting our blessings every day.
I want my home to be the happiest place on earth for my family.....it's not so much about the "stuff" as it is about the feeling that I try to accomplish. Feelings of love, a sense of belonging, comfort and joy!

As mothers, we get to set the stage for a happy (or unhappy) home life. The things we do today will contribute to our family's memories tomorrow. This quote by Gina Pearson is so thought provoking.... "It's impossible to harvest something you don't plant." If we want to look forward to a bountiful harvest of joyful blessings and thankfulness, lets plant joy, goodness and a festive celebration-of-life in our homes

Our home is a precious heirloom
where our family dwells together.
The meals we prepare,
and the memories we share
decorate our hearts forever.

"Create a memory that you will still be talking about 5 or 10 years from now."~ John Maxwell

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