Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Road-trip Top 10 List

I decided this would be a good week to drive up and visit my parents and family in Illinois. My husband is going to be busy all week with work and our almost-finished new church building.
So I packed up the kids, loaded the car, and set off on a 5 hour roadtrip with the kids.


By myself.

Now, we have never bought one of those portable dvd players. We have always borrowed one from generous friends whenever we were taking a very long trip. This time, however, we weren't able to get it.
I was considerably concerned. Hoping I would finish this trip with my sanity (and theirs) intact.

I tried to creatively pack things that would keep their interests. I did forget the bible story tapes though.
They listened to music. First hers - Hannah Montana. Then his - Wiggles. Then hers - Jonas Brothers. And then his again - Veggie Tales. (musical whip-lash for mommy)
They looked at books. They munched. And colored.
I drove. Listened to them. Answered questions. After resorting to playing the licence plate game by myself (my kids are too little still) which is not much fun, or competitive at all; I begin to make a mental list of the things around me that I was thankful for. Here is what I came up with.

My Road-trip Top 10 List

1. clear sunny days. I'm not fond of driving interstate in the rain.

2. leak-proof sippy cups

3. rest stops - for when the 4 yr old suddenly yells "I have to peepee Mommy. Right now!"

4. magnetic farm animals and cookie sheets

5. Teddy Graham Trail Mix

6. music, singing, radio, and cd players

7. personalized licence plates - its like a guessing game for me, trying to figure out what it supposed to say, and why they would want to say that on their plate, and who picked it out - man or a woman

8. (supposedly)washable markers....and Shout stain remover

9. teddy bear & binkie....nuff said

10. caffiene - to keep mommy alert, aware, and calm

I was actually quite pleased. And pleasantly suprised. Not once did Ashleigh even ask about a movie and why we didnt have one with us.
We only had one little mishap - she was using a little spray bottle of water to mist her dolls hair. Apparently she kept doing it over and over and over and very generously. So ended up soaking the entire front of her shorts. Right at the same time, Logan's diaper somehow? came undone on one side. So he ended up soaking the entire front of his shorts too!

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Anonymous said...

Love this! I think every mom can second your list!

Hope you had a great time.


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