Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy day blahs

Today was our scheduled day to go pick blueberries. But, alas, we awoke to gray skies and thunder. Trying to convince a 4 yr old that the blueberries will wait till later in the week - challenging. Maybe she doesn't believe me because earlier in the spring we had plans to go with our MOPs group (mothers of preschoolers) to a strawberry farm. The strawberry farm called us that morning and had been completely cleaned out over the weekend, so there were no more berries for us to pick. Sad, sad, sad.

I pray there are blueberries left!

So that later in the week, we can douse ourselves with bugspray and stand out in the 90 degree weather to pick berries.

I pray there are blueberries left.

So that I can watch the joy on my daughter's face as she bites into her first berry of the summer. So I can watch that look of determination, challenge, and perseverence as she strives to fill her bucket with the best, plump, berries.

So I can watch her teach her younger brother on his first berry-picking adventure.

Later this week, I will post our favorite recipes for blueberry syrup, blueberry lemonade, and hopefully some pictures.

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