Saturday, July 26, 2008

Old-fashioned summer

Here it is almost August already. Where has the summer gone. We haven't gone anywhere...have stayed around home. And yet, our summer has been so busy. Just with regular days. We have not scheduled a whole lot and have tried to keep it a simple old-fashioned kind-of summer.
I've enjoyed it. The kids have stayed busy - just playing. Doing all the things that I remember doing as a kid. Splashing in puddles. Making chalk figures on the sidewalk. Riding bikes & trikes.
Having tea parties. Making mud-pies. Chasing butterflies. Catching lightening bugs. Swinging at the park. Taking long family walks. After-church picnics with friends. Library summer reading program.
Ahhh summer.

1 comment:

Marlayna said...

Hi, just passing through and noticed how beautiful your children are.

Your summer sounds like a page from summers long ago. How heavenly.

My husband and I were talking about how we can't believe summer is about over, we were way too busy. That is life in the city, I guess. I long from lazy summer days.


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