Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day of Mennonite shopping...

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, sister and I headed up north for a day of shopping. Plain-style.
At the Mennonite Community of Lead Mine.

It was a chilly, rainy day. The gps took us on some little dirt roads. We got turned around/lost more than a couple of times. But we had SO much fun!!

Our first stop was to the Wenger General Store, where he carries natural herbs & medicines; books, wooden toys, bolts of solid colored material; black felt hats; sorgham, honey, & jams.

We traveled around til we found the bakery...which is closed til late April.

Next up was the Meadowveiw Dutch Market. Here they sell, bulk grains, flours, pastas, spices, candies, etc....They also have a deli in the middle of this tiny store. Fresh sliced meats & cheeses. They sell sandwiches for lunch outside on picnic tables.

My big wants for this shopping trip - rye flour, bulk yeast, licorice tea, chicken soup base, and spices to refill my jars at home. Found a bag of frozen wheat croissants. Yumm! Also got some lemon drops for the kids :)

Did I mention the rows and rows of spices & herbs stacked on the shelves! Oh, how hard to decide which ones to get. And the prices are amazing.

I came home and washed up all my spice jars/rack. Refilled and ready to cook and season some amazing meals.
Don't they look pretty? --

While I was at it....and while my Mom was helping with the kids...I cleaned out and reorganized the cupboards as well. I had a bunch of Tupperware modular mates stored, but by taking out shelf was able to get them to fit in the cupboard.
So neat and organized--

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