Friday, September 26, 2008

My husband rocks...

It was one week ago today, about 7am, that we got the call from IL that my father was on his way to the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack. Before I was even off the phone with my sister-in-law, my husband was on his phone to his boss - letting him know he wouldn't be in for work, that we were rushing up to see my Dad. After we were both off the phone, I suggested we could maybe wait until Dad had seen a dr and we had an update. Fred said no, we were going no matter what. I began to pack. 20 minutes later, we got the update. Dad had gone his long home.

The rushed trip to IL. Mom, brothers, sisters. Planning my father's funeral. Shaking so many hands and getting so many hugs from well-wishers. Crying so many tears. Sorting through Dad's things. This week as been the longest and hardest of my entire life. I feel like I am going through the motions in a thick fog.

This entire week, Fred has been strong for me. I know that Jesus will help me through this and that Fred will be by my side through it all.

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