Sunday, September 14, 2008


What kind of a name is Ike anyway??

The good news is my dear in-laws are safe & sound. They live about an hour north of Beaumont TX. Lots of wind, LOTS of rain, no power for a couple days (but they have a generator) trees down around town but all is well.

Now, here we are, getting our own mini-version of Ike. Even clear up here in the Ozarks. Amazing.
It began blowing and raining last night. I left early for church this morning, as it was my sunday to teach a class. Ditches & low-lying roads were flooded. So after a few detours, I arrived at church only to discover that the power was out! We had a couple lines down on that side of town.
Plans were quickly adjusted and lanterns brought in for an acoustic in-the-dark version of church. Just 30 seconds before 1st service started -- the power came back on!
So again all is well.

I took a much needed break today...had lunch with some girlfriends and then we went to see the new movie "The Women". When we came out two hours later, the temps had dropped and it had turned into a brisk, misty, fall day.
Only to be in the 50's again tomorrow. Mmmm, I love fall.

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