Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Fave Five Moments

1. Watching my little 2 yr old's curls bouncing to & fro as she walked up the aisle as a flower girl in my nephew's wedding

2. Taking a three hour motorcycle ride thru the country with my husband.

3. My Mom found the book "A Big Ball of String" at a garage sale. Written in the 50's, was one that we had growing up and I LOVED it! Now I get to read it to my own kids.

4. My littlest has decided to fight nap times and climbs out of her crib...she has never been a cuddler or liked being rocked. Now, that is the only way that she will go to sleep! And after the strong-willed fight gets settled down, I am loving that quiet moment with her. Just holding her close. Watching her little eyelids slowly flutter shut.

5. This is probably not what I should consider a blessing....but how about if I just say this was a great moment to appreciate my child's sense of humor! Our seven yr old asked why "Daddy is 60 yrs older than Mommy?" (she actually meant "six" lol)


ellen b. said...

So you have your own blog, too. That comment from your daughter is hilarious. Have a wonderful weekend.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'll bet your daughter was a sweet flower girl.

My boys only liked being cuddled and rocked when it was time to go to sleep, too. They are so precious as their eyelids get heavy.

I hope you all enjoy the new book!


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