Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 1st"

Outside my window... the sky is dark, stars are twinkling and there are two lightening bugs flickering around the yard.

I am quickly this spring and now summer is moving! I wish we could slow it down a little bit. Feel like I havent been enjoying and savoring every moment like I should be.

I am thankful for... my family all safely tucked into their beds. We are only a couple hrs away from Joplin, and it has been a heratbreaking past week and a half since the tornadoes did so much devistation. It certainly has reminded us not to take things for granted.

From the learning rooms..."school" is on break for the summer, though we are still learning every day. The cicadas (locusts) are here and the kids have found them fascinating. I am searching for some stuff for us to do a unit study and lapbook on locusts.
Ashleigh has taught herself how to write in cursive! And is doing amazing!
Logan is so so smart, its almost scary. We will go ahead and start kindergarten in the fall.
Keira is trying to sing her ABC's...and knows the color purple.

From the kitchen...tonight I fixed a roasted garlic marinara with spaghetti and herbed parmesan bread.

I am wearing...a large comfy cotton tshirt with shorts

I am creating...some new recipes for an upcoming book.

I am going...outside to water my tomato plants, since it doesn't look like we'll get any rain tonight.

I am reading...Love Me If You Must by Nicole Young. A fun mystery novel about a woman who refurbs houses.

I am get some writing done tonight, so tomorrow I can focus on laundry and packing for the weekend.

I am hearing...tree frogs and the whir of the ceiling fan. I love quiet summer evenings. Ha, I love anything quiet!!

Around the house...sit random boxes, slowly being filled with stuff for our garage sale, that I hope to have in a couple weeks.

One of my favorite things...visits with old friends. Whether face to face, phone, or email. Its lovely to stay in touch with kindred spirits.

A few plans for the rest of the week...leaving for out-of-state. My nephew is getting married this weekend. Keira is the flower girl and my husband is the dj.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…my new red chair.


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Six In The Northwest said...

Enjoyed your SWD post. I agree that summer is speeding by at a breakneck speed. And it's not that we have been over-the-top busy. One day just follows another. A reminder to make the most of each day! Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. Very apropos for me at the moment.


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