Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

1. Celebrating my husband's 40th birthday...and actually pulling off a surprise party with around 35 people sneaking in here!

2. I have loved watching the 17 mo old as she has been attempting to "jump" this week :) So funny! She squats down real low and pops back up as far as she can. Her feet aren't even leaving the ground. Yet!

3. Had an impacted tooth and ended up having two taken out. Bummer, but tankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And its been a speedy recovery.

4. My niece had her twin baby girls a week ago today. They are both healthy & growing, and SO beautiful!

5. Taco's for supper. Now that is certainly reason to be thankful :D

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Laura said...

Those twin baby girls are just precious!!

My family always love tacos for dinner. Hope you have a great week!

cindy said...

The twins are so cute, busy busy busy. Your niece is so lucky, I think :-) double the diaper change, double feedings, double the cost of going to school, if they are anything like my tea party girls then double the amount of tea parties, ya she is lucky.

Any surprise after 40 is a good one. My graddaughter is around the same age and she has just learned this also, outside in the snow this week she popped up from her sitting position and landed right back down.

Willow said...

I can just imagine that little one trying so hard to jump! Cute!

Mmmm, tacos sound wonderful :)


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