Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday - Coupons!

I recently went to a three hour Coupon Workshop. I've always doubted that coupons would work for me...I could buy cheaper at Aldi's or with the walmart brand....etc, etc, etc...I always had some question, or reason, or doubt.

Until this workshop, that is.

When she explained how she could go to the grocery store, buy $200 worth of groceries and only spend $15 - $20, I knew it was something I seriously needed to check out.

I've been working on it the last couple of weeks. Clipping, putting together a binder, perusing the weekly ads, and coming up with different scenarios. There was just SO much information that night...very overwhelming! I have started putting it into practice and am slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

And you know what? Its SO. MUCH. FUN!

Here is one of my recent trips to Walgreens.

All this and only spent $5.03. I saved $61.34.....that's 92%!!!

I am no where near saving $180 yet, but I think I'm doing pretty darn good so far! And since taking this class, friends and family members are seeing some of the bargains and savings I'm getting and wanting me to teach them. I have had two one-on-one sessions so far. Have to type of some notes and stuff to email several that live far away. And have even had a group offer to pay me to come teach them! As well as my mother-in-law wanting me to teach her when she is here from Texas in a couple of weeks.

I'm amazed at the coupon craze that there seems to be out there. I dont know if I just didn't pay attention before or what. So many blogs and sites, tips, ad pre-viewers, you-name-it. It is apparently pretty cool to be a "frugal mom" :)

So I'm many of YOU are couponers? Would you consider yourself a penny pinching mom or a coupon queen? I would love to know the blogs you read and get hot tips from.


danielandjamaica said...

I'm pretty much avoiding things this Sunday afternoon, everyone is napping and I'm on blogger hitting the "next blog" at the top of the screen when I come across your blog! My sister and I try our hardest to coupon. Finally about 2 weeks ago I went to Smiths and saved 100%! As you can imagine it was the highlight of my summer! (well, at least of that week) We use and I just file my sunday adds by date in a hanging file and never cut them til I need them. Of course I'll look through them and see if there's anything I need and have a coupon for... especially when Smith's does $1 coupons and even better if Wal-mart is matching everyone else.
Nice to meet you. :)

Becki D said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I want to be a couponer SO BAD! My friend Gina has really gotten into it - her blog is here:

But it seems like sooo much work. I need to go to a seminar!


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