Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reluctant Entertainer

A blog that I love to frequent is the Reluctant Entertainer. I was so excited when I heard she had a new book coming out!!
It's such an inspiring blog...she gives ideas and encouragment for gracious hospitality. Sharing the love of Jesus without getting bogged down by our own limitations and imperfections. The Nester put it wonderfully when she described the new book as "Freeing words of wisdom about real entertaining for real people."

I need that. How about you? Freeing words. Because I know I struggle to be more hospitable, and to have friends over, just to connect and laugh and just be together. I stress over our over-crowded little townhouse...and the clutter that I never seem to get all picked up...and the laundry baskets waiting to be folded...and the dust that might be on my bookshelf...because I'm a busy, homeschooling mom of three under the age of 7.
People, women especially I think, crave relationships with REAL people. We don't have to have it all together to have people over.

I entered a giveaway for the book a couple weeks ago....and just found out...that I WON!!!
And what makes this even cooler, I took a spiritual gifts test at our MOPS Retreat this weekend, and according to that, my two top gifts are wisdom and hospitality.
So I know my heart is there, now to get my silly little perfectionist brain there.....

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