Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Heirlooms

"God is an amazing God- He blesses us in the most astonishing ways. He gave you the precious gift of parenthood. He knows whom you are dealing with and He loves your children far more than any parent can imagine, so take your concerns directly to the Lord!" Maggie Hogan

We spent the afternoon playing at the park. It was a gorgeous fall day. 72 degrees. The breeze was nice and cool, perfect for Ashleigh & Logan to fly their kite.
And just cool enough for Keira to wear the little sweater that her Grandma Barb made, with a little pink bonnet from her Great-Grandma Edie whom she never got to meet. They were originally Ashleigh's and have been passed down. Maybe some day they'll be an old family heirloom? ;)
I love this picture of her in them. She is such a little doll baby.

I am grateful that God knows my children better than I. He knows the issues I deal with and struggle through in parenting these unique little hearts and minds. I pray that He guides my words and hand in all that we do. So that someday, it won't just be little crocheted sweaters we're passing down...but character, values, and generational blessings.

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