Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fred's Monster Burger

My family watches a lot of cooking shows on tv. And we cook a lot too. So when we first saw some of the giant cheeseburgers around the country, Fred immediately wanted to try his hand at making one!

He has talked about it and planned for years now. Finally, last week - -

He made it for our church's 30-something's group on a Saturday night. Our theme was a burger bar...with many various (some odd) toppings.
Fred's burger alone fed alot of people!

The stats on the Monster Burger:
3 1/2 Pounds Beef
1 Pound Thick-sliced Bacon
10 Slices American Cheese
2 Tomatoes1 Head Lettuce
1 Gigantic Sourdough Loaf
1 Cup Miracle Whip


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