Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: Monday May 3rd 2010

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW: The sun is shining...and the pollen must be blowing.
I AM THINKING: How early we were up this morning to see the in-laws off. After a long weekend visit, the kids are really going to miss them.

I AM THANKFUL: that God always has a plan that is much better than mine!

I AM WEARING: Black yoga capris & a grey tshirt
I AM REMEMBERING: All the fun we had yesterday with some of our family. Fixed a big pot roast, and had sunday dinner with my in-laws, mom, & sister.

I AM GOING: to run a few errands this morning and pick the house up a little bit. Oh & help Ashleigh with schoolwork.

I AM CURRENTLY READING: through a stack of cooking magazines that my sister & I found saturday at a garage sale. Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, Kraft's Food & Family, Rachael Ray. They were 5 for $1. Now wishing we had bought the lady out!

I AM HOPING: to get some container gardens planted this week.

ON MY MIND: My sister, who is having spinal injections done today...and whose husband was deployed to Afghanastan yesterday.
NOTICING THAT: this morning's coffee has yet to clear the fog out of my head!

PONDERING THESE WORDS: "Even after all you have been through, attitude is still a choice! What kind of attitude do you choose today?"
FROM THE KITCHEN: Getting ready to make the week's menu plan. Thinking some grilled chicken & zucchinni to toss with pasta tonight.
AROUND THE HOUSE: kids are dragging dining room chairs around...making a house or tent or something.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: smelling spring


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