Monday, February 8, 2010

Mondays Simple Womans Daybook


For Today: Feb 8th 2009

Outside my window...more snow is falling. Big fluffy flakes. Melting fast.

I am thinking...God is good and will see me through this.

I am thankful for... my 5 month old is feeling better.

I am wearing...plaid pj pants, gray t shirt, blue slippers
I am remembering...
I am be dealing with plumbers & contractors in and out of our place this week. Replacing our master bathroom floor and toilet.
I am currently reading...a Women of Faith novel, A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley

I am hoping... to visit the nearby Mennonite community stores. Needing to replenish my spices.

On my mind...a friend who lost her mother-in-law this past weekend.

Noticing that...I dont mind the new look of facebook that everyone seems to be complaining about.

Pondering these words... "Preventive Parenting provides a much more peaceful environment in our homes. It allows us to work on the discipline issues that are really crucial--and to ward off punishment, etc. for situations that can be handled ahead of time, rather than the heat of the moment. As an added bonus, Preventive Parenting teaches our kids how to solve problems, come up with options, get a handle on things before they become too big, etc. as they watch us model these skills for them."

From the kitchen... greasy cheeseburgers, pickles, green beans, potato chips

Around the house... pillow fights...guitar playing...

One of my favorite things...quiet moments.

From my picture journal...Logan tromping thru the snow -

1 comment:

Hen Jen said...

your house and day sound very nice. Except the contractor part..exciting but disruptive, I know! Hope it is done quick!

Envying your snow..a little bit!

much grace and peace to you this week,


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