Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday's Simple Woman's Daybook

For today - Jan 11th 2010

Outside my window... was a much nicer & warmer day than what we've had last week! 37 degrees this afternoon instead of 5. The snow is melting and the cars need washed.

I am thinking... how beautiful the snow has been :) in spite of the below zero temps. People just need to know how to dress for the season and to thrive wherever they're at.

I am thankful for... chapstick!

I am wearing... warm flannel jammies and silky red slippers

I am remembering... how nice it is to blog and plan and be organized. Goal for this new year is to get on top of this better.

I am going... to meet some sweet ladies for coffee our local McDonalds since it has a indoor playland for our wee ones.

I am currently reading... getting ready to start a new parenting book and Bev Lewis' The Missing.

I am hoping... Logan really grasps the idea of going #2 inside the stool this week :(

On my mind... that ripping a fingernail off takes precidence over every other thought on your mind. ooeeeeeeeee

Noticing that... everyone else is in their warm & toasty beds! I want to be warm & toasty too!

Pondering these words... "God, help me treasure each moment for its own sake."

From the kitchen... Fred's b'day dinner pot & pans that wouldnt fit in the dishwasher. And a big tray of huge cinnamon rolls that a dear lady brought by.

Around the house... baby rattles, burp rags, remote control cars, stray crayons.

One of my favorite things...bosom buddies. No distance or time ever can seperate that bond of friendship.

From my picture journal...

Join me in journaling about this new year. Visit Peggy's blog to start your own Simple Woman's Daybook.


gcoday said...

Keep blogging Julie! It's nice that you see the little things in life that a lot of people miss. Cute picture of the kids!

April and Doug said...

Hi Julie - I'm actually curious how old your son is. My son is 3 and a few months and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in going to the potty... :) I was just wondering if maybe you had any pointers! LOL I think I've tried almost everything!


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