Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan

This week's planned by a six year old :)

Mon - today was my husband's birthday. We actually had steaks, fried potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, homemade sourdough bread...but as you can see, the highlight was "cake".
Tues - Hoping to try a new nacho recipe that I saw a friend make. All pile up on a huge platter. Oooey gooey sauce. I'll post it later.
Wed -Catalina Cranberry Chicken, rice, salad
Thur - She says spaghetti...I'm thinking probably leftovers
Fri - our Family Night - homemade pizza and a movie or games
Sat - we have recently started enjoying the lazy saturday brunch tradition. don't know how often it will work, but its been very nice :)
Sun - Salami Sub with Olive Salad....a new recipe
I know I usually post my recipes and a nicer plan, I will post these later in the week (if they're good) Trying to get back into the routine of things. A new year!

Be sure and check out for more menu ideas and recipes. There have been almost 500 participants lately!!

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