Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Simple Woman's Daybook - Nov 30th

For today ~ November 30th, 2009

Outside my window...its a clear, cold night. The almost-full moon is shining brightly. And the neighbor's wood smoke is being carried over on the brisk breeze.
I am thinking...about snow and winter. And dreaming for a "real" house, in the country with several fireplaces...and a large veranda with a swing to snuggle on, under a cozy red afghan, while drinking hot cocoa on a cold night like tonight.
I am thankful for....our dear Costa Rican friends who found out today that they will become American citizens in just 90 days! Which is nothing after waiting and trying and waiting some more, for 9 years.
I am warm flannel jammies with snowmen on them.
I am little Grandma. It's been almost two yrs since she passed on to her forever home. She was a special lady. She loved.
I am make a new country christmas wreath to hang on our front door.
I am reading...Creative Correction - Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline, by Lisa Whelchel. So far its been good, most of the ideas are a bit on the older side for my little ones. But it has helped ignite a spark in my own mind.
I am hoping... tomorrow is a better day.
On my mind...a lot of STUFF. Frustrations and dissapointments.
From the learning rooms...Logan has been working on motor-skills. Loves working with scissors, which terrifies his poor mother! Ashleigh is sounding out every word she sees now, attempting to read everything. We watched Akeela and the Bee the other night, so she is now fascinated with spelling bees. This morning, my Mom taught her how to properly stand and repeat the word before she spelled each one. Ashleigh loved it.
Noticing that...facebook is messed up again. Wonder why they can't seem to stay on top of it?!
Pondering these words...all's well that ends well. What is that really supposed to mean?! It doesnt make any sense to me.
From the kitchen...leftover turkey & ham from Thanksgiving Dinners. As well as pumpkin & pecan pie :)
Around the house...everyone else has gone to bed. I'm enjoying the solitude. Wishing I could enjoy it longer, but am already having trouble keeping my eyes open.
One of my favorite things...donut store coffee
From my picture three musketeers in their pj's

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