Friday, June 26, 2009

My husband rocks!!

This evening, my husband tried his hand at something he had never done before. Which, that in itself is amazing! He has done everything:

Been a firefighter

a radio dj

a tv producer

Ridden horses

been scuba diving

mission work in Italy



deer hunting

chicken farming

motor-cross sports

performed a wedding ceremony

mountain climbing

Until tonight......

He gave his son a hair-cut :) Logan gets so hot & sweaty, especially when its high 90's during the summer! So we talked about it...and wondered...could we do it? Would he sit still enough? How bad could it be?

Logan was very excited to have his hair cut at home--by his DADDY.

I think they both did wonderfully ;-)

2 comments: said...

very exciting!! my man is multi talented too :-)

Cindy said...

My husband and I both cut our boy's hair. My 11 yr old was scared to go to the barber when he was little so my husband just started doing it and he never stopped. I join in now too.


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