Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garage Sale Discoveries

Last weekend, two of the near-by streets were having a neighborhood garage sale day. I left the kiddos with Daddy, while I ran to check them out.
Two hours later -- I came home. Hot and hungry, but happy.

Here's some pics of my loot :)

Two beautiful afghans--perfect size and colors for Ashleigh & Logan. $2 each

Two old window frames, one with a mirror in it. Perfect for a project I have in mind. (Watch for more on these later.) 1/2 off so $1 each

For Logan - 4 winter shirts, 2 summer shirts, a Rams jersey, 4 pairs of pants
all for $5

For Ashleigh - 3 cute skirts, 2 pair of tights, 2 sets of jammies, a pair of green cargo pants, and 1 sweet canvas tote bag
All for $3.25

A foot spa tub for Fred (and maybe me!)
1/2 off of $10

So, you can see what bargains I came home with! And just under $20!!
I am looking forward to this weekend...when I get to go to Springfield with my sister. We have never been to garage sales there...hoping to find some treasures :)

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