Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fallen Behind

Wow, so I opened up my blog this morning planning on catching up my Simple Woman's Daybook, when discovered how far I have fallen behind in my blogging. When I first started my blog, I wondered if & how I would ever have time to blog very often. But to my amazment, I enjoyed it so much, that I found a way to work it in to my day (or night!) somehow.

Since my Dad passed away in September, I am dissapointed to say, I have let much of my life fall behind. Even homeschooling. Its been hard to get interested in anything. My mom was here over the holidays, and stayed until last week. Through prayer and determination, we both knew we needed to start fresh this week...as the start of this new year.

So here I am. Armed with a planners & schedules (which won't directly keep me on task, but will at least motivate me). I know that God has given me peace & strength. And as long as I keep my trust and focus on Him, He will see me through this.

So here is to a new year. 2009

Expect some gradual changes & updates on my blog. New music. And more frequent posting :)

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