Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's faves

A few highlights from this week:

1. Now that Keira is one, her vocabulary has doubled! I get the biggest kick out of hearing her say "look!" or "all done". She's even trying to say "elmo" and "cracker". So little and so sweet.

2. Our mops group started up for the fall last tuesday night. I love MOPS. Its like my own little mommy suport group. Friendships and food, free childcare, and most of all that having a place where its safe to be real, they're all mom's too, and know exactly the issues you are struggling with.

3. Ashleigh (our oldest) turned seven. How time has flown! We had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party, based on the books. Outdoors at the park, it was a gorgeous late summer day. There were seven little girls, all dressed-up in beads and boas and their mommy's high heels :) We decorated picture frames, posed for pics, made glass pendant necklaces, and had a lunch of ham&cheese/rolls, strawberries, and mini cupcakes. Was a day I'll never forget....and I'm sure Ashleigh won't either!

4. Yesterday was 67 degrees....and rainy. I had a pot of potato soup simmering on the stove. Ready for autumn.

5. Marked more off my to-do list :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful tea party. I would have liked to attend with all the great activities you had for the girls. :)

It is a freeing feeling to mark things off the to-do list. I sure wish the items would stay done though!

Islandsparrow said...

What a little sweetie pie - such a cute age!

And your tea party b-day celebration looks like it was so much fun!! Wish I had thought of that when my girl was little. I'll tuck that idea away for grandchildren :)

Happy weekend!

Susanne said...

I love when things get marked off my to do list. Sometimes I'll even add something that got done that wasn't on the list just so I can see it marked off. LOL.

Those girls look adorable all dressed up for the tea party. What a great idea.


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