Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~ December 1st, 2008

Outside my window. . .remains a little bit of snow from the weekend. We didn't get alot, but it was so beautiful coming down. Big, fluffy, flakes. Made for the perfect atmosphere for setting up our christmas tree.

I am thinking. . .about how blessed my family is. We have faced many things in our short seven years together...but have come through victorious. Somtimes bearing marks but still trusting in our God, our Strength.

From the learning room. . .Logan is interested in colors this week, so we have been concentrating on those. Ashleigh is showing a sudden interest in old-fashioned lifestyles. It warms my heart to see how it facinates her!

I am thankful for. . . snow!

From the kitchen. . .Fred made his mom's chili recipe this evening. He added a tiny sprinkle of chipotle powder...changes the whole concept of "chili".

I am wearing. . .sweats & tshirt. Longing for a pair of flannel jammies:)

I am creating. . .little tulle gift bags that are dark plum colored and to be tied with gold ribbons. I will place scented wax melts in each one for a MOPS give-away tomorrow night on "our favorite things". Some of the scents I have are: hazelnut coffee, dicken's christmas, fireside, hot apple pie, and pumpkin spice.

I am going. . .to have to clean up the kitchen and dishes before I can go to bed.

I am reading..."Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyers - for a ladies bible study friday night.

I am hoping. . . my friend can find her way back to true happiness - JESUS. I am hearing. . .the new song player on my blog...don't you just love it?!

Around the house. . .our "old-fashioned" Christmas tree's lights are twinkling. Candles are glowing and the smell of hot apple pie is disguising the dust and clutter that somehow happened over-night.

One of my favorite things. . .the new peppermint oreo cookies!!

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .finishing these giftbags for MOPS tomorrow night; library storytime; wednesday night church; making cinnamon-dough ornaments with Ashleigh; radio station's Christmas party.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

"new boots"

"first snow of the season"

As always, thanks for stopping by. If you would like to sneak a peek into other ladies lives - check out The Simple Woman's Daybook to find the list of this week's participants.

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